Wiley D.

AGE:  36

ADDICTION: Heroin, now Methamphetamine (snorted)

STATUS:  Active User

Born in Tennessee, Wiley Daniels is a well-spoken young man. His father, a drug addict, was murdered when Wiley was 3, and his mother, who also had drug issues, vanished even before that. Wiley showed addictive behaviors in early childhood, sneaking into the kitchen at night to overload on sugar.

Wiley has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, and he thinks the diagnosis fits him. He also believes that addictive personalities are going to use drugs or alcohol, or find some other self-destructive behaviors to indulge in. He was a misfit with behavioral problems growing up. “I was the long-hair skateboarder in a small southern town,” he explains. “I just didn’t fit in.”

“I got onto heroin from a methadone clinic. I was there for oxycodone abuse and acted up, so I ended up getting put into a juvenile facility when I was 15.  I ended up there for 3 years and got out when I was 18.  I got a sizeable inheritance from my grandparents which really fueled my addiction behaviors. A lot of negative behaviors, period.”

“I’ve always wanted to change but I think it’s a process and everything had to be in a certain order before you really ‘get it’, if you get it at all.  That whole moment of clarity thing they talk about, I’m really into that, but the window of clarity closes very quick.”


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