Timothy C.

 AGE:  44

ADDICTION: Crack Cocaine, then ice (crystal meth)

STATUS: Active addict

Timothy grew up in Hamilton and Fairfield, OH, in a religious household. Felt he never fit in.

When he was 13, Timothy found a body, a dead girl, and the neighborhood tried to blame the death on him, so he fled to Hamilton in fear of his life. Eventually, the police cleared him. In Hamilton, he lived in the basement of an abandoned church owned by his father.  He became attracted to the activity on the streets, wanted to join in. Timothy used cocaine for years, then smoked crack for 7 years. He switched to Ice about a year ago. “With ice, I can keep my job, pay my rent, get food. You can’t do that with crack. You spend it all in one day. Around here we call it ice skating.”

“Me, I have an addictive personality.  I get hungry, I get needy, I eat up all my profits from work, I don’t show up on time, I lose my jobs. I know the streets, I love the streets, love the people in the streets, my friends are in the streets, my brothers are in the streets.

He knows the risks of living as he does, but adds, “I’m not scared of dying.”


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