Tiffany R.


AGE 28

ADDICTION:  heroin

STATUS:  active user

Tiffany started on heroin when she was 19.  “I just had a C-section, my pain pills were stolen from me, and my babies died. The only thing my boyfriend could come up with was heroin. I liked the high, and it took my pain away.”  Tiffany had been clean for a couple of years but relapsed 8 months ago when her 23-year old brother died of a heart infection. Her family has cast her out, and the courts took her infant child due to alcoholism, so she lives on the streets.  She prostitutes herself and hates doing it.  She wishes she could change, believing if she got clean she could turn her life around and get her baby back.

Her mother and father are also heroin addicts and have nothing to spare for her.  She says about Faces of Addiction, “maybe if I can get my story out there, some other people would see how bad it is and not get on heroin, cause it ain’t no fun.”

Tiffany has suffered serious wounds and injuries.  Most of her teeth were broken and no dental surgery has been possible.


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