Thomas D.

AGE:  26

ADDICTION:  Alcohol, heroin (briefly) psychedelics and meth

STATUS:  Actively using alcohol and meth

Tom’s basic personality is addictive, and he blames that for his tendency towards a range of addictive behaviors.

“People think addiction means addiction to one thing, this drug or alcohol, or work, or meth. You can be addicted to murder if you’re a psychopath.  Some of the ways are just more acceptable than others.  They’re all addiction.  I’m addicted to just not being sober, really.”

Tom adds, “Addiction is your coping mechanism, how you deal with the shit that the world throws at you. Mine happens to be particularly unhealthy, but I don’t see a need to stigmatize it and push me away from the rest of society.”

Tom says addiction has made it hard to keep good relationships with people. “It just pushes you away from everybody. You’re stigmatized and pushed to the fringes already, and so in your own mind the drug makes you go that way as well.”

Tom is an out-of-doors fellow. He works as a landscaper in the summer and has no problem finding work. However, he doesn’t make commitments or keep to commitments.

Tom has no desire at present to get clean. “Here isn’t necessarily that bad a place – I’m functioning with it well, God only knows how long that’s gonna last.”


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