Theresa B.


AGE:  46

ADDICTION:    Sugar, cigarettes, caffeine, meth, self-punishment (her words)

Theresa is an intense, intelligent woman. She grew up without a dad.  She had to survive childhood abuse.

Theresa’s addiction started with eating fistfuls of sugar at about age six.  Today she is hypoglycemic. First came anorexia, then binge-eating, though she now eats normally.

In her teens, she started smoking pot, then moved to serotonin reuptake inhibitors – Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Paxil, etc. She is now on meth.  She considers herself thorough, a workaholic, and a very organized person.

Addiction has damaged her relationships with her sons and has sapped her will to do her best, to excel.  She says she has lost sight of the world around her, the ability to hear anything going on around her, a keen “sixth sense,” and her career as a teacher.

She worries that she can’t concentrate, can’t complete tasks, and has lost her sense of drive and purpose.  Theresa has no plans for the future.


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