Robin E.

AGE:  48

ADDICTION: Crack Cocaine

STATUS: Active addict

When she was 24, Robin’s mom started her on crack cocaine, so she has spent literally half her life as an addict.

Crackled to a prison sentence for possession. When she got out, with a 5-year probation, she had some rehab but violated her probation, so went back to prison.  When she got out for the second time, she met her husband, “really deep into his alcohol.” She started using again, and this time had another 2-year prison term.  When she got out of prison the second time, a friend gave her some crack, and she started smoking it again. She says she smokes less often and less regularly than she used to.

She once was clean for 8 years and does not know why she started again.

Addiction has cost Robin her family, her home, her work, her health.  Her husband died recently, and her grandmother died 3 days later of colon cancer and Hep C.  She has two sons, who are doing OK. She sees them sometimes and talks to her younger on Facebook.

“Addiction ain’t no life. There’s a better way than what we’re doing right now.  We just need a little help, more treatment plans.”  Plans to get clean?  “Yeah. One day. Hopefully soon. Honestly.”


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