Robbie T.

AGE:  47


Addicted for 20 years, Robbie has lost everything:  family, possessions, jobs,  and his health, including getting infected veins from dirty needles. His son is also addicted “off and on.”   Robbie was on the verge of suicide, and had written his daughter off, when she called out of the blue about a year ago, and said, “Don’t you think I have the right to decide if you belong in my life?” This was his awakening.

Since that call, Robbie has been clean for a year.  He has had help from his family financially and in other ways.  His goal is to be able to speak to other recovering addicts, but “given my record, I can’t get in.”

He feels he has had an awakening, a spiritual uplift, largely thanks to the love of his daughter. He hopes that participating in Faces of Addiction will help others see that recovery is possible.


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