Nikki A.

AGE:  30

ADDICTION:  heroin

Nikki is still using; she was released from jail the day before her photo shoot and immediately got high… though for her, she gets no lift from heroin – she just is able to function normally.

Nikki has been jailed repeatedly for drug use.  She became addicted when she lost custody of her two children, which occurred after a suicide attempt was interrupted by her husband.

Homeless since 11/2017, Nikki wanted to be photographed because she felt she was at rock bottom and had nothing to lose by sharing her story.  She was leaving for California to work on a ranch where “there are no drugs for 100 miles” and she will be forced to detox.  She has marketable skills in Photoshop and call center work; she believes she has options if she can be clean long enough to deal with depression and find a future.

She says of herself: “I used to be a good person and had a life.”


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