Mike W.


AGE:  45

ADDICTION:    Crystal meth (ice)  and Heroin

Released from prison the day before we talked, “White Mike” (he’s a boxer, nicknamed after slugger Mike Tyson) had been arrested for possession of both crystal methamphetamine (ice) and heroin. His mother had a heart attack a few days before the grand jury miraculously returned a “no bill” and he was released.

Mike has spent 25 of his 45 years in prison for his drug addiction. He states, “I never committed a crime without drugs at the heart of it.” He is homeless and had spent the night before our interview in two different AA-like “meetings” and in Serve City, a shelter with some beds for men and women. They did not have room for him, so he wandered the streets, praying.

He says he can’t live on his own and stay clean without support.  He says, “I have to have a program, I have to live a program.”


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