Mike O.


AGE:  27

ADDICTION: Meth and Crack cocaine

STATUS: Active addict

Michael was born with crack in his system. At 20 he tried crack, liked it, and stayed on it.  He was jailed, “and when I came out my addiction was stronger than when I went in.  I wanted the drug and knew where I could get it.”

“I went to rehab, got clean for 6 months, came home, started up again. I tried meth at age 25. I thought the meth was better than crack.  Gave me energy, I could do anything I wanted. I’m just now trying to get clean from meth because I have a son, he’s 2 years old. I try to see my son, but it may be a month until I see him or talk to him.  I love him to death.”

There has never been a time when he was sober. He has lost his job as a skilled concrete mason, his family, thousands of dollars, cars, his mind. “I been trying to get clean, to stay clean, but living here on East avenue it’s hard to get clean. Maybe I’ll move north again… I’ve been looking for rehab help, but it’s hard to find help when you really want it. You gotta have Medicaid or you gotta have money. Maybe I can register, but … try to help somebody addicted.”


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