Lisa S.

AGE:  44

ADDICTION:    Alcohol and heroin

Alcohol addiction and grief have driven Lisa to despair. She has been homeless off-and-on since about 2013 since she was beaten severely by her husband. She stabbed him in self-defense, but there was no self-defense law at that time, so she went to prison for a year. From there, she had no place to go and nobody to look out for her or help her. Last November her daughter was killed in an unsolved hit-and-run.

“I’m a singer and a songwriter, and I can’t do that now.  I used to give money to all the churches around here, took kids shopping so they could have a Christmas. I’ve helped lots of people over the years, and now I need help. I’m crying bloody murder for help and nobody hears me.  If only one person believed in me, you know what an impact that can have on people’s lives?”

“Six, maybe a dozen people die on the streets out here every day.  They think we’re animals, addicts, trash. They think we want to be this, but we don’t, we don’t.”

Lisa hopes to be taken in by the Sojourner rehab program but fears she’ll die on the streets before the computer and paperwork are handled.


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