Keith M


AGE:  48

ADDICTION:  Alcohol, pills, heroin

Status:  clean for 2 years

Keith started using drugs as a very young man and graduated from alcohol to heroin.  Finally, after one DUI too many, he was sent to prison for 2 ½ years. He couldn’t risk alcohol in the halfway house, so he turned to heroin. On release, he took pills, then the crackdown on pills led him to heroin. Keith lost his job, stole from family members, went through Falmouth detox many times, each time emerging on Sunday night only to get high “before the sun went down.”  He credits a 12-step program and living in the Gateway House community in Cincinnati for keeping him clean during his recovery.

Frank has been lucky in some ways. He has a good relationship with his teenage daughter, who lives with Frank’s dad; he has avoided Hepatitis C and HIV, more due to luck than prevention, he says.

His addiction has cost him materials goods, relationships, jobs, security.  He greatly values the Gateway community for helping him in recovery.


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