Jackson F.

Age 21

Addiction: Alcohol

Status:  Two days sober

Jackson F has been an addict since 15, starting with marijuana and other drugs, and is now an alcoholic. “My whole household is perpetually drunk.  I just hide more often than not.”

“At 18 I was starting to piss off my older, better friends, getting into fights, saying dumb stuff.”  At 19, more or less by accident, he wound up teaching the high school art course, standing in for the Spanish teacher who usually taught it, but who knew zero about art. After three days he thought he was doing fine but was told by the principal that there were 26 different write-ups against him, mainly for belligerence. He quit school that day, and three weeks later got his GED.

At 19, he had worked hard for two years to buy a car he loved, a 1999 Miata 5-speed, tricked out the way he wanted it. When he turned 20, he “got really drunk and the girl I was seeing kicked me out for being all belligerent… I didn’t think. I could have called Uber or a friend, but instead, I went for a drive. Next thing I knew I had just sort of teleported myself into me being next to a wall, it turned out to be a church, with the pancaked car on fire. That was the end of my Miata I had really, really worked for.” Lately, he had been working at – ironically – a liquor store.  “I already knew it was a bad idea to work at a liquor store, I just went there often enough so they asked if I wanted to work there.” He lost the job – like the two or three before it — for drunkenness carelessness, and attitude.

Jackson believes drinking has cost him his dignity, and that means a lot to him.  “I don’t want to keep doing this kind of stuff, but I don’t want to quit drinking, I just want to quit being such a stupid ass. I know I’m gonna run out of chances … I could definitely get further down, but I’m between a rock and a hard place … have to figure something out for myself.”

“My plan right now is just hold a job and not drink so damn much. Maybe just a little beer, not swigging downs hard stuff like I do right now.”


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