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Where to Find Help




Also, The Heroin Hope Line

In Warren and Clinton Counties, OH  1-877-695-6333

In Butler County, OH  1-844-427-4747

And this link: One City Against Heroin


Reasons for you to volunteer for Faces of Addiction:

“You have given me a voice when I didn’t dare to speak.”

  1. Be a star and get a break from the ordinary
  2. You get to tell your story in words and picture. Others will “get it.” They will see you as a real person, not a number or statistic.
  3. You get a terrific opportunity to be recognized for your courage in doing this. This will help you in your struggle with addiction.
  4. Your picture – and others – will help people understand the problems of addicts and addiction.
  5. Others may see your picture and say “that’s me.” This may help them seek counseling or rehab, or help them with their rehab process. It may even help someone stay off drugs.
  6. You get a portrait by award-winning photographer, Eric Hatch. You may have a paper print or electronic, your choice.
  7. You get a change from your daily life, something a little special
  8. You get a gift card for McDonald’s as a thank-you for your time and cooperation.

Where does this take place?

 These portraits are taken on location, in the place you live or hang out.  It’s best to do them in late afternoon / early evening, but that is not required.  This is “come as you are,” no dressing up or makeup required. 

How long will this take and what’s it like?

A portrait session takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more.  Eric Hatch will collect your information, ask you some questions about your life story, and fiddle around getting the right look and feel for your photograph.  There will be three different shots:  a portrait of you alone, a photo of you in your setting, wherever it is, and a photo of any physical damage addiction has caused you.  The “damage” photo will not always be possible but is part of the package. 


Do I have to give my name?

For legal purposes, you will have to sign a paper saying Eric Hatch and Faces of Addiction have the right to use your photographs in print, on websites, and anywhere else they may be useful.  But if you don’t want your full name to be used in public, or on the Faces of Addiction website, that’s ok.  Your first name will be used instead:  Susan instead of Susan Gregory.  Of course, your face is your face, and it will appear in an exhibit along with 30 to 50 other people’s portraits.


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