Frank F.

Age 38

Addictions:  Methamphetamine, then heroin

He is in a recovery program (methadone) but says “he cheats a little.” His methadone dosage is 70 milligrams/day.

He has a criminal background that includes theft and assault.

Frank has an addictive personality and is also diagnosed as bipolar.  He started on meth, which cost him all his teeth in less than a year.

Frank was a part-time burglar. Once, as he was walking by a building, he saw a couple of cops.  He assumed they were after him, entered the building, and raced to the roof.  In a Spiderman movie, he leaped across the gap between his building and the next.  Unfortunately, unlike Spidey, he didn’t make it and fell three floors to the asphalt shattering both legs. Ironically, it turned out that the cops had no interest in him, but were certainly handy in summoning the EMTs. Treatment for his broken legs led to an addiction to oxycodone.  Heroin followed.

Frank is also a chain smoker.

Frank’s four children by his prior marriage do not speak to him and have assumed new identities.  He remarried, has two young sons, and is employed at the time of this writing.


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