Destiny H.

AGE 29, homeless for 6 months


STATUS: Clean for 30 days at the time of interview

Destiny has diagnosed mental health issues in addition to a drug habit.  She started with meth and progressed to heroin. Her brother and sister kicked her out onto the street – literally, breaking several ribs at the time.  The took everything she had, including her kids, her child support cards, clothes – everything.

During her homeless period, Destiny has supported herself by panhandling and prostitution. During that time she was kidnapped, serially raped, and had crystal meth inserted anally: “When that happened, I literally did not know who I was for four days.”

After her sister got tired of the kids, Destiny took them to Children’s Services voluntarily, so she could get clean and straighten her life out. The kids are in a temporary foster home and they are expected to be returned to her custody.

Destiny feels she is getting support – even among other drug users, who are actively encouraging her in her determination to get better. Destiny says she would advise other people “to keep their heads up. They are not as worthless as they feel, and it is possible to get better. They have to want it though.”

Destiny has found a place to live, at least temporarily. She is determined to sustain her recovery for her children’s sake.


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