Dan S.

AGE: 25

ADDICTION:  everything, primarily heroin

STATUS:  In recovery for heroin. Actively smokes grass and tobacco. Drinks moderately.  Unemployed.

Dan first smoked grass as 12 and discovered hallucinogens as well. “I continuously smoked pot and got into pills when I was 16 years old.” The first time he tried heroin was at 18. He didn’t touch it again until he was 21. He dropped out of high school and joined the service, only to wash out when it turned out he had hip dysplasia.  He describes his childhood as “rough, but nothing out of the ordinary.”

He has been off heroin for some months, with a single relapse on Christmas.  He continues to smoke both tobacco and marijuana. He pointed proudly to a shelf of 20 empty bottles, saying “it took six months to drink these.”

Until recently Dan held a good job detailing aircraft. He went through a bout of depression recently and was fired from his job.

Thoughtful and articulate, he thinks he is making progress with his drug addiction. He has a child he has never seen by “a woman I didn’t know then and don’t want to know now.” He currently has a fiancée who believes he really needed someone who could listen to him. He has completed his GED. He has no clear goals or view of the future.


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