Chelsea S.

AGE:  23

ADDICTION:  Meth (injection)

STATUS:  Active user

Chelsea is an attractive young woman of 23. Adopted at age 10 by very caring parents, she had a daughter when she was 18, during her last week in high school.  She was not at this point a drug user. The marriage broke up but they stayed connected.

In 2015 Chelsea met and soon married someone 16 years older than she, and “six months later he put a needle of heroin into my arm.” She started stealing from her family – and realized she had to stop heroin.

“In December 2016, I gave my parents custody of my daughter so I could go into rehab and get clean. In the courtroom that day, I learned my daughter’s father had died of an overdose.” The news floored her.

That night she swore off heroin, taking “one last hit.” She also said to herself, “what the heck, tonight I’ll try meth and crack cocaine too.”  She loved the meth and stayed on that. Just a week later Chelsea was abducted at gunpoint from her apartment. Her husband owed money to his drug dealer, so she was abducted with two other women and given to the dealer to be trafficked. The dealer, his wife, and their son ran the business.

Chelsea escaped from trafficking by shoplifting in a way that made sure she would be seen and arrested.  She went to jail for 23 days, then to rehab for 90 days. However, after rehab she started using meth again.

She contracted Hep C, since cured. She also contracted trichomoniasis while being trafficked. Her weight went from 127 to 94 pounds, so in December 2017 she went back to rehab.  Yet now she is using again.

Emotionally, Chelsea has problems leaving the house (security issues).  She’s had problems with intimacy and was homeless for 6 months. She was diagnosed at age 8 as schizophrenic, and currently hears muttering voices she can’t quite identify.  Yet she has never stayed for long on anti-psychotic and anti-depressant meds.

Chelsea really can’t imagine a drug-free life. “I still have dreams I haven’t given up on.  But I’m coming to accept that this is what my life will be.” “I never want my daughter to think it’s her fault that I’m messed up. I make all these excuses …. I’ve pretty much just given up on a future for myself.”


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