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faces and stories from people that are addicted to substances such as alcohol, heroin, crack, amphetamines, etc.

It’s official!  The Faces of Addiction art show will be on display in the Rhodes Office Tower, directly across from the Ohio State Capitol, in June, 2019.  Facilities administrator Sheila Sheila prints says, “We look forward to seeing your pieces!”  This is an excellent venue for FOA because it’s large enough to show all (or most) of the pieces, and because thousands of people pass through it every week — including senior Ohio administrative leaders and directors.

Of course, not every venue can handle the whole show — and it is possible to show it in subgroups.  If your gallery or public space is interested, just hit “get involved“.


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Joey Still Has Hope of Beating His Addiction

Addicted people still have hopes and dreams.  This is Joey, and what getting free of his heroin addiction would mean to him.  Please go to GET INVOLVED and help made a full documentary of this project a reality. The documentary is for use in rehab and prevention programs.   We need between $8,000 and $10,000 to make the documentary.  Please help!

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Nearing the finish …

As of 9/1, Faces of Addiction stands at the 80% mark.  We need another 10 volunteers, and we’re there!  We’re looking for persons living within 50 miles or so of Cincinnati.  Demographically, we need more persons of color and more younger persons.  We’d especially like to find people who have been in recovery for a while and who are prospering.  At the other end of the spectrum, we’d like to talk with young people who have just realized that they are addicted.

We are also seeking funding for a 23-minute version of the Faces of Addiction documentary movie by Ron Harper.  This will be used in both rehab and prevention programs.  We need $8,000 to $10,000 for the documentary, so contributions are really needed.


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Even artists go on vacations

But when vacation’s over, it’s time to get to work.  Faces of Addiction needs 15 more photo subjects. We are looking for active drug users, as always. But we REALLY need people who have been in recovery for 3 or more years and who are finding success in their lives. We’d like to share your story!

Seeking former addicts who have become counselors, rehab operators, or have found other ways to help the addicted to better their lives.

All told, Faces of Addiction needs 15 more portrait volunteers to complete the first phase of the project.  Please, reach out to use through this site or directly to

We need to hear from you!

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Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars! The Faces of Addiction gallery show will open January 16, 2019 at Christ Church Cathedral South Gallery in downtown Cincinnati.  And thanks again to Christ Church Cathedral whose generosity has made it possible to print, frame and mount this ambitious show.  Well done, Mike Phillips et al! The show will consist of between 40 and 50 large-size portraits and life stories. A high-quality printed book of the entire set will be available at the show.

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This should have been posted a couple of weeks ago, but travels have interrupted things a bit.  “It’s getting technical” means a lot of effort is going into getting the physical display and web books designed and specified.  Specified means things like what kind of paper, which matting (support) system, what sort of glass, what kind of mounting of photo prints to background, and what specific frames are used for the photos …. there are roughly 50 production questions like this that have to be answered.

Below you’ll see the story and photo of Theresa Bradshaw.  This is one of 15 different versions of the same design.

At this writing, most of the “production” questions have been answered, but some are still open.  The physical gallery show part of this project will consist of 50 framed, glassed, 13 x 19 portraits, with a matching unframed 13 x 19 “text panel” with the bio of the portrait volunteer.  That’s a total of 100 pieces, 50 framed and 50 au naturel. The materials cost for all this is about $5,500.  Labor to help with mounting and framing is still not known — I can’t do it all myself for a variety of physical reasons (like I don’t see straight). A skilled framer would be a welcome volunteer — FOA will provide materials, but labor is another matter.  We can also use a workspace that is very clean to do the mounting and framing.  

It’s really good to be this far along … and other things are cooking which are even more positive.  Stay tuned, as they said in the dark ages.



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Great news!  The first gallery showing of the full Faces of Addiction project will be hosted in Cincinnati for 6 weeks starting in January 2019.  The hosting gallery is the South Gallery in Christ Church Cathedral, on 4th Street in Cincinnati.

This gallery has plenty of room for the 50 images and 50 accompanying bios, and each piece can be independently lit. It’s a perfect space for this show.

We’re currently planning for 13 x 19 inch portraits with adjacent life story panels. In addition there will be several educational events built around the display.

We anticipate that this show will travel to many other locations … there’s another possible showing in Cincinnati, and we will be working towards multiple showings as the word spreads.

In addition, look for an e-book, an on-line gallery, and an expanded movie about the project and the portrait volunteers.  Faces of Addiction is is going places!

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