Brian K.

AGE:  37

ADDICTION: Meth, speed

STATUS:  Active user

Brian is a thoughtful and articulate man. He started using marijuana at 13. He moved on to painkillers at 16. Progressed to heroin. He stopped heroin a year ago, on his own, and now sniffs speed.

Brian grew up in Connecticut.  As a young man, he entered the world of dog show competitions.  Eventually he got in trouble and left that career.  Asked what addiction has cost him, he says, “It’s funny.  On speed you move very fast, but you don’t get shit done.” He cites three reasons for doing taking drugs: “boredom, to fit in, and to have something to do. I got off the opiates because I ran out of mistakes to make.”

He has had 5 years in prison for theft and for an altercation with a cop.

A follower of the Grateful Dead, he was stranded in Hamilton, Ohio, and now lives in a one-bedroom apartment near Aurora, Indiana with his girlfriend and fellow addict.  They have no plans for the future.


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