Volunteers from Gateway House

Gateway House is a clean-living community in Cincinnati. One resident, well advanced in his recovery, volunteered as a portrait subject.   Keith Maynard was our fourth subject. Keith in turn introduced us to another addict, Robbie Tweed, far earlier in recovery than Keith.  Robbie’s goal is to help others by going to halfway houses and treatment centers to talk about his own addiction.  However, he says, “with my record, they won’t let me inside, so maybe Faces of Addiction is one way I can tell my story.”

March 6, 2018 — Project sponsor Mike Harris, himself a recovering addict (alcohol), has taken a major role in Faces of Addiction.  He has founded a club for recovering alcoholics in Hamilton, OH.  Now he has donated cash, McDonald’s gift cards, and much time and energy to Faces of Addiction.  Thank, you Mike!

Volunteers step up in Hamilton, OH

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