Opening night for FOA a huge success!

Opening night, January 16, was a huge success. Visitors crowded the gallery. Normally, visitors to a gallery opening browse, snack, and leave. Our visitors came, stayed, and read the stories. Ten of the portrait volunteers also came, fighting winter weather and transportation problems — a huge shout-out to Hamilton’s Mike Harris, who rented a van to bring several portrait volunteers from Hamilton to Cinci and back.

Representatives from Sen. Rob Portman and Rep. Brad Wenstrup attended and presented letters of good will and commendation. Want to see how great it was? Here’s the story in a video by Ron Harper. 

A heart-warming note from a portrait volunteer

The following letter arrived yesterday from the last portrait volunteer we photographed. This project helps addicts directly, as you can see.

Hello, this is Kristin Williams. I just wanted to share with you that I affirmated (completed) my in patient program at Sojouners on Monday Dec. 17th! I am now staying with my friend Mary (the one that was with me the day you listened to our stories). I have 4 months clean and now that I have learned new skills, my next step is to transform my life. I’m excited! I plan to attend the opening of your show. I hope all is well with you. Merry Christmas and God bless everything you are doing.

Faces of Addiction Book available 2/8/2019

We’re proud to announce that the companion book to the Faces of Addiction art show will be available as of February 8, 2019, earlier if possible. As soon as they are available, books can be purchased through this website or directly from  Price will be $34.95 plus shipping.

The book is 124  8 1/2 x 11 pages, on high quality coated stock.  It contains an introduction, all 50 official portraits and stories, and an essay on addiction by author Eric K. Hatch.

Faces of Addiction, by Eric K. Hatch, PhD. Braughler Books, 2019. 124 pp. ISBN 978-1970063-01-1

FOA delivers 50 portraits, 50 stories for display

Faces of Addiction promised to produce a gallery show of 50 portraits and accompanying life stories of drug-addicted persons.

We have kept that promise!  This week all 50 portraits were framed and delivered to the gallery for showing in January.  We did it on budget and on time! The companion book is in production.  Now it’s time to get the documentary funded and produced, and to let the world know about this amazing, heart-wrenching look into the lives of addicted people.



FOA Companion Book ready for press

The Faces of Addiction gallery show will be available in a deluxe paper edition, 120 pages, with all the photos and life stories plus additional material about the project and lessons learned from it.

Creating this book has been a labor of love among author Eric Hatch, designer Andreas Jones, and publisher Dave Braughler of Braughler Books.  Publication date is scheduled for 1/16/2019, the date of the exhibit opening in Cincinnati, although review copies will be available prior to publication for qualified reviewers.

Every effort is being made to make this book reflect the quality of the photographic originals.  There have been to date 4 proofs for text, and 6 cover designs submitted.  We expect delivery to Braughler Books on 11/5.

Gallery show and physical book are only two of the ways we plan to give Faces of Addiction to the world.  More on this later.

FOA moves into production phase

Status as of today, October 25, is  as follows:

•  Fifty portraits adjusted to fit the framing system and printed.

•  Book manuscript is complete and awaits final proofing

•  Book page design in progress, should be complete by 10/28

•  Framing and mounting materials have been ordered.  Due around 11/1

•  Transportation and packaging materials for 100 pieces of art (50 framed, 50 unframed, plus associated hardware and other materials) have been ordered.

We are busy!  The goal is to have production finished by 12/1 and move immediately into PR and other publicity for launch 1/16/19.


We’ve done it!  Fifty faces, fifty stories.  Wow!  Now we’re into the production work, getting all fifty portraits and fifty stories printed, mounted, framed, packaged, and ready for their trip to the Christ Church Cathedral Gallery in time for the show opening on January 16.  At the same time, all the photos and stories have to be prepared for the book that accompanies the exhibit.  The book has extra material, including a lengthy manifesto on addiction and what we have to do as a nation to combat it.  The book is the long pole in our tent; it has to be in the publisher’s hands by November 1.

So no resting on our laurels. The hard work of making this project succeed has shifted gears from gathering information to producing the media that will communicate it — and that effort will continue through next year.

Thanks for your help, all of you who have seen these pictures and read these stories.  They are making a difference — and so are you.


Heroin Angels Memorializes Victims

Heard today from Hershel Gau who has created a website to memorialize persons who have died of an OD.  He offers space to post a snapshot of the lost person and room for personal stories as well. The site is called Heroin Angels, and here’s the link. Heroin Angels

Are we competitors? Not really.  We share the goal of raising awareness of the human costs of addiction, but our approaches are very different.  Good luck to Hershel and his project!

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