Billee S.

AGE:  48

ADDICTION:    Heroin

Billee emerged from prison 4-5 years ago.  She was on prescription pain pills and moved on to heroin. In the course of her addiction she lost her home over a year ago, and now lives in abandoned buildings in Hamilton, Ohio.  She works as a prostitute. She has three grown children “whom come around maybe twice a year, at Thanksgiving and Christmas.”  She says she’s deep-down tired.

Billee says, “It would break my heart for anybody to start using around me. I would never let that happen. Hamilton needs some programs, they need help, we need help. Don’t know where from, but we need help.”


Billee’s story has had consequences.  She found participation in Faces of Addiction uplifting and became an active recruiter of other portrait volunteers.  She entered a treatment program and got clean; she found temporary housing with a man she knows who runs a sort of temporary shelter for addicted people.

Unfortunately, Billee’s overall health was bad, and she contracted general septicemia, with involvement of her pericardium. She delayed going to the hospital, but was eventually rushed to the ER in Hamilton. She was moved to a nursing home near Cincinnati to receive IV antibiotics for 6 weeks.

During this time she relapsed, obtaining drugs from a worker at the facility.  Worse than that, her estranged husband provided drugs, and watched while she overdosed … and just walked away.  Billee was revived and is now in jail on the basis of some outstanding warrants. ‘

Her future is unknown.


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