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Tabitha Swords dies of overdose

Tabitha Swords, the tenth person to volunteer for Faces of Addiction, died in Hamilton OH of a drug overdose, sometime within the past week.

Tabitha’s story can be seen here:

This is the first of the Faces to die.  Tabitha will probably not be the last.  She was a tortured soul and deserves our sympathy for those she left behind.

Rest in peace, Tabby.

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There is no face of addiction!

Heather Jenkins, Recovering Addict

“There is no face of addiction.”  That’s what Heather Jenkins, Faces of Addiction volunteer #34 told me yesterday. “It doesn’t have a face. I am well-spoken and well-written. I look OK.  But my brother has scabs all over his face, never gets a haircut.  We’re both addicts. Addiction can be anyone, anywhere.”

That’s the point of this project – to engage people so that they realize that addiction is an individual human problem.  Yes, it’s enormous, but it’s composed of vivid, interesting, often intelligent, suffering individuals.

Once you experience that truth, you won’t go back to pretending addiction is somebody else’s problem.  And creating that knowledge so that it is immediate, and real, and personal is what this project is all about.

Thanks, Heather, for putting it so clearly.  We’ll post your story and your photo as soon as possible.


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Devin Thorpe, Forbes Magazine Contributor and Founder of Your Mark on the World, interviewed Eric Hatch on 4/26.  Learn how Faces of Addiction got started, what’s happening, and more about some of the amazing people who have volunteered as Portrait Subjects.

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