FOA Companion Book ready for press

The Faces of Addiction gallery show will be available in a deluxe paper edition, 120 pages, with all the photos and life stories plus additional material about the project and lessons learned from it.

Creating this book has been a labor of love among author Eric Hatch, designer Andreas Jones, and publisher Dave Braughler of Braughler Books.  Publication date is scheduled for 1/16/2019, the date of the exhibit opening in Cincinnati, although review copies will be available prior to publication for qualified reviewers.

Every effort is being made to make this book reflect the quality of the photographic originals.  There have been to date 4 proofs for text, and 6 cover designs submitted.  We expect delivery to Braughler Books on 11/5.

Gallery show and physical book are only two of the ways we plan to give Faces of Addiction to the world.  More on this later.

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