FOA moves into production phase

Status as of today, October 25, is  as follows:

•  Fifty portraits adjusted to fit the framing system and printed.

•  Book manuscript is complete and awaits final proofing

•  Book page design in progress, should be complete by 10/28

•  Framing and mounting materials have been ordered.  Due around 11/1

•  Transportation and packaging materials for 100 pieces of art (50 framed, 50 unframed, plus associated hardware and other materials) have been ordered.

We are busy!  The goal is to have production finished by 12/1 and move immediately into PR and other publicity for launch 1/16/19.


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  • Anything i can do to help out volunteer, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I knew from the very beginning that this was going to be something special. And now that it’s beginning to take shape and the end result is near, I’d love to be of some help in any way that i can. Thank u for giving me the opportunity to be apart of something special like this.

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