A giant step towards production!

Taking the photos and writing the stories is only leg one in bringing Faces of Addiction to the public.  Production and distribution are the other two legs of the triangle. We plan to do both physical displays for museums and art centers plus electronic versions for the widest possible access.  Now, thanks to friend Roger Arvid Anderson, nationally known sculptor, collector, and fine-art photographer, we have found a gallery and book designer, David Wilson. You can see David’s work  for Roger here:  

David will do the gallery / book design for use on the ISSUU.com platform – ISSUU automatically reformats for desktop, tablet, and cellphone use.  It also serves as a template for a print book.  Plans currently call for a high-quality 8.5 x 11 printed book. David is doing the design work for Faces of Addiction at a very large discount in order to support the project.  Thank you, Roger and David!

ISSU.com costs $39 / month.  Contributions are needed to make this happen.  Please use our donations button on the Get Involved page!

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