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A couple of days ago I was asked by a potential sponsor to give him an “elevator speech” (the time it takes the elevator to go from one floor to the next) on the permanent impact of this project. Here it is:

Faces of Addiction uses portraits and stories to shift the conversation around addiction. It’s the difference between saying  (and thinking) “an addict” and “an addicted person.”  One’s a thing, the other a human, and that’s the point. This change makes compassion possible. If people see these faces and read these stories, they will be able to make the shift. If a few thousand experience this, that’s to the good. If it’s half a million or more, that’s making a real social change.

That’s the elevator speech. 30 seconds. I’m glad I was asked the question, because while I knew what the impact was, I’d never explained it properly.  Faces of Addiction is a project to enable compassion.

Now you know the impact.  Please help, and Get Involved.

Eric Hatch, founder, Faces of Addiction


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  • I love it. Im gonna carry a copy of it with me. Again I can’t say this enough, thank for seeing me as an addicted (person). U have made such as difference in my life. 5 days clean!!!!!

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