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“I feel dirty …. People look right through you like you’re invisible.” – Andre Baker






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Contribution To Faces Of Addiction

Other Ways You Can Get Involved

Become a portrait volunteer

We’re looking to capture addicted people from every walk of life, every color, every age group.  You can be an active user or in recovery.  You can do something for others as well as for yourself by volunteering.

Help us recruit subjects

We want to meet directors of treatment centers, drug counselors, homeless shelters, and others closely connected with addiction. We need people from all backgrounds, races, and ages.  We especially need active users, young people (under 22 but over 18), and women.  Of course, people in recovery are fine, too.

Supply professional services

 We’re seeking people who can support the project using their unique skills and connections.  We need to find a book publisher, a publicist, several gallery owners or museums curators interested in contemporary photography. We need someone skilled at e-book and physical book design.  If you are one of these folks, terrific.  Or maybe someone in your circle will know the right person.  Spread the word!

  • A photographer’s assistant with good people skills and familiarity with the community we’re shooting in  is needed.
  • Later, we will need a framer. We will also need a packaging/shipping expert (for shipping framed prints).
  • A person skilled at sound editing and slide-show design is a must-have talent. THANK YOU RON HARPER
  • We are actively seeking a chain restaurant (like Macdonald’s) to supply $10 or $20 gift cards as a reward to portrait subjects.
  • We also need a PR person with strong links to the SW Ohio / Northern KY areas.

We are hoping for in-kind participation; if not, we’ll need financial support to make the project a success.

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